Friday, August 14, 2009

The Core Families

Hello, hello everyone!

Welcome to Sahaja Yoga Puchong Community blog site where everyone can share their ideas and events! Before we start off anything, let’s have an introduction to what this community is all about. It revolves around the lives of the sahajis living in this area and our activities in helping the residents of Puchong to understand and practise Sahaja Yoga meditation which was founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

As practitioners who have benefited from this meditation, it is only rightful that we help whatever we can to up lift a soceity that is "troubled" today as volunteers to provide social services to the residents by conducting free Sahaja Yoga classes at MPSJ Jawatan Kuasa Penduduk (JKP) Zon 20 cabin located at Taman Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong every Tuesday.

We are dedicated yogis trying to help pass on some of this joy and love we expereince a midst better health in body, soul and mind that we have enjoyed for many years practising Sahaja Yoga to as many people as possible and at the same time sharing loads of fun doing what we know best which are ... "Makan-Makan Di Sana Sini" and "Jalan-Jalan Di Merata Tempat" i.e. "Eat Eat Everywhere" and "Walk Walk All Over"

It's no surprise our favourite theme is "We live to eat anywhere; anytime and not eat to live". Therefore you will find postings in this blog on our "makan-makan" and travelling exploits at the places where we have visited.
There are a handful of people who are involved in this collective. Most of them are from the Puchong area except for the random few. Here are the gang that makes the clock tick!

By alphabetical order

Adrian – He is a soft spoken gentleman who had been helping Robin with facilitating classes. He is so slim, one wonders what he eats to maintain that slimness. Besides meditation, his other love is fishing.

Baskaran – Our mystery man who works with airplanes, he is in tune with Sahaj and occasionally assists with the classes and collectives. A silent lover of food especially when we found out his wife is an excellent Indian food cook. He is also a class facilitator with Adrian and Robin.

Diana – She is the wonderful half of Robin who is truly enjoying herself the Sahaj way. A chief cook in Korean cuisine; Puchong Yogis just drool and heed her beck and call when it's dinner time. She is also intermittent Mei Jie jogging partner.

Florence – She is the queen of wits and of Winston and Wenesia. She never fails to make people laugh even when its Sahaj related. Do not get caught off-guard when she glares at you and lectures you about Sahaj, in her mind, she's probably thinking of something to slip in somewhere in her speech to make you crack up! Equally good in cooking, she just hates heat and therefore ends up doing a pot dish instead. She loves making people wait (maybe drool a bit) for her “promised” food. Dream but not touch.

Karviraj & Parvein - The children of Baskaran and Shanta, they are the playmates of Shaun and Nicole and make up the group of children in the collective. By the way, the children are the musician of the collective when they are in the mood that is.

Mei Jie - The other half of Stephen; she is a superb Yogini who assist her husband in most things. With a heart of gold and a mind a bit slow sometimes when it comes to jokes, she cares openly for everyone she knows. A foodie in the making, she now caters to big people with HUGE appetites and thus, she struggles to make her portions of food bigger and more interesting. She jogs so that what goes in does not go side ways.

Nicole - The youngest in Robin’s family, she is pretty much a child genius and leads a very confusing "love-hate" relationship with Shaun. Oh brother! A member of the children musician group, she plays the “dolat”.

Robin – He is a fish connoisseur with a scientist brain in disguise. He is just like Spiderman but the difference is that he is dedicated in Sahaj and helps out with classes and his family includes his dogs, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Patch. Ever wondered why the last dog is call Patch and not Aluminium or Zinc; something metal sounding, ask him? He brings plenty of joy with his thunderous laughter and plenty of GOOD food into our lives.

Shanta – The better half of Baskaran. She is the lady who makes Puchong Yogis drool for her fruitcakes (we want more!) and wait patiently for her banana leaf rice. She is quiet but fun-loving and pitches in with the classes as well.

Shaun – He is Stephen & Mei Jie’s son. He is a Sahaj kid who has been brought up in a Sahaj manner. A child with a bright mind and sharp wits, he has a kind soul as well. Plus, he knows good food when he sniffs one. A self taught tabla player by ear and is today studying at the SY International Public School at the foothills of Himalayas. Cool….

Stephen - The pioneer in this collective and who is the back bone behind the classes, activities and collective. A foodie by birth, his life long mission is to encourage people to meditate, excel in cooking food and travel the world. Indirectly, these are some of the ways towards collective activity. A wise man once said; "When the stomach is happy so is the soul". Happiness is when we are one with the stomach and the Whole, so they say.

Sue – The wife of Adrian and guess what; she is another slim person just like him saperti “Buah Pinang Dibelah Dua”. She is very good at making finger food. You should try her tuna mayo dip. One goes gaga at such a thought. Yummy!

Tia & Megan - Precious-ness of Adrian and Sue, they are both very sweet and smart. They know good food when they see it. Tia is the anchor "dolat" player that keeps us in rhythm when we sing.

Wenesia – She is the mini among the Winston & Florence clan. She has her feet half in Sahaj and the other in the unknown realm of what many would call, youth adolescence (yea, I am still going through that XD). A true foodie and stickler for all things technology; she is a total nooblet in Sahaj but whatever she knows, she understands it.

Winston – One of our non Puchong resident member and a newbie to our community. He is always hard at work with people, lights and buildings but surely and slowly beginning to flow with the motions of what Sahaj is all about. An excellent cook in Western cuisine, he makes the Yogis wanting for more each time he cooks. Yep you guest right; 2 helpings is the norm. In addition to this, he is great walking and talking food guide always exploring for the next best place to eat.

And there you have it; an introduction to a part of our blog community. In short, we are energetic, out-going, God fearing people with the zest for life and all things edible.

Jai Shri Mataji.

By Wenesia, Site Blogger